Ukulele Day

Ukulele Day Year 3 have had a fantastic day working with Ukulele Dave. The children were given a fantastic opportunity to learn how to play basic chords and notes on a ukulele while improving their musical skills and knowledge. The children learned how to play tuned instruments, play in time and together as

Happy Guru Nanak Jayanti!

In RE last week we had a whole school topic, learning about Sikhism and the 'Guru Nanak Jayanti' festival. Each year group learned about the festival at a level appropriate to them and produced some fantastic pieces of work. The children's work has been presented at the front of school, showcasing the children's

Quelle cours d’école tu préfères ?

The children were asked which lessons they preferred at school. They used their vocabulary knowledge of lessons, alongside the verbs 'to like' and 'to prefer'. We have also been learning about causal conjunctions as part of our English explanatory texts, so we were able to extend our French sentences with 'because' to give

Year 5 STEM Workshop

On Monday Year 5 were fortunate to have a workshop from STEM. As part of the day we looked at engineering mechanical catapults and looking at the best structures for building towers.

Year 2 Art

Year 2 Art Year 2 have been busy in Art this half term. We had a special visitor to help us to create our own lino prints as part of the Children and the Arts project. We linked it to our topic of "People of the Past" by researching famous people from Goole

Gamelan Music

On Friday 25th January 2019 Year 5 were fortunate to go to Goole High School to take part in a music workshop where they learned about Gamelan music. They were able to use the variety of Gamelan instruments throughout the day and learned about the customs and Gamelan traditions.

KS1 Sports Day 2018

"In June 2018 Key Stage 1 had their sports day in Boothferry Primary School. Courage filled their eyes alongside determination. Laughter filled the air as they jumped and hopped and skipped. The 4 teams were Ennis, Adams, Cockroft and Brownlee, all went face-to-face to be crowned the winners. Our glorious winners for 2018

Y2 Continents

The children in 2B have had lots of fun learning the 7 continents and 5 oceans of the world. Here is a video of them rehearsing our rhymes. The children are hoping that other children in school will learn this too from watching their video.


We have a new page on our website showing you all about our assemblies throughout the year. The page comes under the curriculum section of the website or you can click on this link Boothferry Assemblies