On Friday 29th September, we went to our local food bank. We were surprised to discover that they are given around four tons of food a year. They struggle to get food like canned meat. Sadly, 12% of people in our area are living in poverty. The volunteers at our church try to change this. They cook warm meals every Friday for people who need it. They serve a whole variety of foods, such as: pasta bake; spaghetti; and lasagne.
Amazingly they have a Christmas dinner on the Friday before Christmas for people who haven’t got enough money. This year, they have given about 900 meals and 400 food packages to families in need.
Most of the food is distributed to villages around Goole, like Howden and Rawcliffe. At harvest time, they are given generous donations from other schools in the area like Hook, Rawcliffe and more. David started a food bank because he saw a few homeless people and he wanted to help them. He is also motivated because his own son was homeless in Canada. At the early start of the year, they weren’t really getting many donations.
In Tesco and Morrison, they have a shopping trolley so people can donate their food. They welcome people from many different countries and religions. The church this year have had six homeless people. The church gets around one full trolley a week from Morrison or Tesco. They offer toiletries and washing up liquid and toothbrushes.
Mission Trinity is an independent food bank. They like being independent because they can do want they want. They usually get about 20 to 22 people on a Friday night.
Charlie, Darcey and Olivia