Year 3 trip to Leeds Royal Armouries

Year 3 had their school trip to the Leeds Royal Armouries. We spent the morning learning how to fight like Roman soldiers using shields, swords and a pilum (Roman javelin). The second part of the morning was spent learning how to be an Iceni warrior, trying to keep the Romans out of Britain. We even

Ukulele Day

Ukulele Day Year 3 have had a fantastic day working with Ukulele Dave. The children were given a fantastic opportunity to learn how to play basic chords and notes on a ukulele while improving their musical skills and knowledge. The children learned how to play tuned instruments, play in time and together as

Curling 2020 at Boothferry

Curling 2020 at Boothferry On 11th February 2020 Boothferry hosted the annual GASP curling competition. Everyone had lots of fun and the overall winners were Marshlands Primary School with 19 points. Many Thanks to our Y6 children and the Sport Leaders at Delta Academy at Goole for their superb voluntary efforts.

Quelle cours d’école tu préfères ?

The children were asked which lessons they preferred at school. They used their vocabulary knowledge of lessons, alongside the verbs 'to like' and 'to prefer'. We have also been learning about causal conjunctions as part of our English explanatory texts, so we were able to extend our French sentences with 'because' to give

Music for Youth

15 musical children were fortunate to visit the Royal Albert Hall in London where they watched a special performance organised by Music for Youth. There was a wide variety of performances on display. Before the performance the children visited the Science Museum.

Netball Festival

On Tuesday the 24th September, some children from year 4 were chosen to go to the Goole Sport Partnership's Netball Festival at Kingsway Primary School. The children learnt attacking, defending and game skills including passing and shooting. They then took part in mini games with other children from schools across Goole. The children

Key Stage 2 Sports Day

On Monday 1st July, years 3-6 participated in Boothferry's annual Key Stage 2 Sports Day. Races included: three-legged, skipping, relay, full track, sprint and obstacle. Everyone participated and showed great resilience. At the end of the day, there can only be one winner and this year the winning team was Cockroft. written by

Year 6 Play – What a Knight!

On Thursday 27th June, all of the children in Year 6 performed a wonder play, 'What A Knight!' It made the audience roar with laughter with its witty one-liners and magic tricks. The excellent backstage crew were excellent and very professional. The songs were sung from the heart, which made the play the best